I love Jesus, Yoga and Coffee (in that order) so after a complete shake up of life as I knew it in 2014; I began to refocus my mind, body and soul connection daily through yoga. I came to the mat and prayed, allowed the postures to represent a moving meditation and let go of what I thought would be for what actually was. I yielded, I accepted, I cried, I surrendered. From a place of weakness I found strength, courage, restoration and resolve - on and off the yoga mat.

My Yoga Journey

I've practiced yoga since 2007. But during a large part of 2013 and 2014 the challenges and distractions of my life kept me off the mat. Yoga is one of the special places I meet God, so I knew that after I moved from the East Coast to Southern California I needed to reconnect and recommit to it.

In a little over a year after I arrived in SoCal I just found myself on the yoga mat 2 or 3 times a day sometimes. One day I realized that I'd practiced yoga a whopping 270 times (without even giving a thought to becoming a certified yoga instructor); it wasn't intentional at all but it was certainly necessary in the healing of my fragile heart and reassembling the fragmented pieces of my life post-divorce.

Most people think that I am a pretty "happy" person off the mat; sure I am happy when I get a great parking space, my hair looks cute with minimal effort, or I can get into my jeans easily; but all those things are circumstantial. Because I connect deeply with God on the mat, yoga allows me to offer a more accurate perspective of what is perceived as "happiness," which is that I strive to CHOOSE JOY no matter the circumstances. Choosing JOY is gracefully accepting the version of life that you get even when it's not the version you want because you Trust in the working together of all things for your ultimate good.   


Hot yoga, Holy yoga, Hath yoga - they all feed my soul and fuel my body. Regardless of whether I'm in child pose or crow pose, I strive to practice with a mindful ease and consistent level of respect for the basics of yoga.

I enjoy working with people and my passion is making yoga accessible to all populations, especially those who are likely to feel that this form of exercise simply "isn't for them."